Book: Santorini Island Of No Night Mares

Explore Santorini. 9

I knew there is excitement in peoples face once they are in santorini, yes of course, why not, what you are experiencing or plan to explore in this opulence island could be once in a lifetime, People have the opportunity to meet and make good friends sharing their opinion about this wonderful place, i sort out many ways to explore this wonder nature, mostly people like to tour round the island on their own private vehicle visiting town to town, the best way to intimately know the island is travelling round the island by bus, this way you got to meet and interact with a lot of people from different countries, even the locals. The bus route starts from fira to different destinations you chose to visit.
I must say that the two seasons which i happen to live in santorini was aglow for me being around proficient people both my teammates at white pearl villas and white pearl guests.

All work without play make jack a dull boy, in the company of Jimmy easing with a cold beer at the premises of Ammoudi bay area contemplating the distance from finikia to perisa to be part of elysian team, almost more than 27.1km, to him he said is part of his exploring the island and to get to meet people to help in brightening his english speaking. Young and vibrant, likes the fun around a good looking bulgarian maid whose father lives poles apart from elysian. Coming back after a dinner in ammoudi bay area, my perspective observation was in keen surprise to arrest my oddity i became unease in an uncertain outcome, but the contact between this young birds could be as a result of the impressive sunset view, from that moment the feeling around them become letting to know and from her reactions it seems that there is complications in her background of relationship the reason why her mood is an open book.

Usually it hardly shower this time of the month in late august but it deed drizzled that night, as we approach a corner side of finikia parking, there was calm at the surround and no sign of anyone walking pass by cos it was almost late and it drizzle, the car engine was shut down, turns attention on me seating at the back, was a sharp look from jimmy towards me meaning excuse us. Well in this situation the sky is theirs, the air around blows in their opportunity besides the island is a mother nature of romantic pleasantries admired in expressing your feel. The car opens, about to step out my leg on white foot locker she stretch her hands to the volume to hype their mood with shawn mendes and camila-senorita- a hit song often played in hit 88.9fm, smiled with love for that beat recall the days of my arts in rap music. Santorini gives you this romantic vibes starting from the time of the sun was about to set, beside your partner that moment the sun sinks into the sea extending colours throughout the sky giving you the sensation.
I left the young birds to catch their feelings and seize the moment undisturbed in the tranquil of finikia, it was easy as pie to get employed here but challenging to launch into, though it was for the season and the people visiting here requires that you speak good english this made it easy peasy for me, almost everyone that visits santorini speaks english both english natives and non english natives, alternatively other language required are french, german, italian, spanish, may be chinese or portuguese in the field of guide. Hard work is needed to apply in other to put up amazing facilities that are pleasing to people for a favourable holiday.

Continue>>>Porter essentially needed…….. 10.  

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