Book: Santorini Island Of No Nightmares.

Oia’s Mother Nature. 10

In the state of being relaxed in a spacious composure of Oia’s romantic mother nature, these two young sweeties i often see on my way to the caldera, mostly hanging out 4am outside the strogili premises, sometimes anemoessa vicinity opposite Finikia parking lot, from a distance observation, it looks like it’s a new kick start as the behavioral movement around each other is ardent, under natures perquisite it is normal to exercise such freedom of amity but frequently at the same venue. In haste after my mission to caldera is what am occupied with, so when they say “hi” i usually replied in a haste, until a certain day, we met again in a different setting this time at the pedestrian street of caldera the locality of Armeni village, only few individuals could be seen at that time doing what the greeks called “volta”, and sound of few cars are heard driving pass. I knew there is no club in Oia but few bars to hang out for drinks, some people i see are a little tipsy and are heading home but not this one, they move place to place for comfy.

We constantly see you around, seems you work late the man asked? I replied not really but i see you two consistently, do you like to be outside each time this hour, yeah both replied simultaneously, looked at each other with a wink after going for a kiss. Anyway am Ken, from England and this is my girl friend half british half indian but we live in the Uk, nice to meet you i said, she respond with; we love the nature here how about you? impressive to hear i said. The man continued, we have been here for two weeks, we planned three weeks, one week in fira and one week in Imerovigli and Oia is our last week to spend in santorini, it is really splendid that is why we enjoy hanging out late share our joy and celebrate our years of belonging together. wow that’s incredible i responded as we are walking towards Andronis villas, then i ask how do you see the sunset today? At this moment is like i awoken the tiger from sleep as the lady jumps on him screaming, “amazing santorini” then she looked at me and said can you imagine after each sunset we love to go from cafe to cafe, from shop to shop until we go for bites and drinks, speaking with so much joy in her expressing herself with hand illustrations, tipsy and excited while her man was busy holding her to compose.

There is every bite of joy in exploring and enjoying yourself out in a sweet open quite environment like Oia, as her passion continues with good articulations. It is good to see people in a mood like they are over the moon, feelings of deep joy over what you found passion into which anyone should not let anything snatch it away from them. As we are up to bakery we stood by the wall of santorini secret hotel just to have a view of the surrounding caldera lights. After tomorrow will be our last day in Oia, we are heading back home to England, we really had good time here and we love to be back again in this beautiful island says Ken. Good to hear, hope you got good pictures of the island i asked? of course we do, we took memorable pictures and our best is during the sunset.

continue>>> A unique summer in oia. 12 @aaemenike2055

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