Book: Santorini Island of No Nightmares.

High Season

High season is sprightly approaching visitors are advancing leaving no room for movement in St. george surroundings, but the trigger of flash cameras created scenes like paparazzi after a hollywood celebrity, this time passaggio is very busy, the vicinity is occupied with different porter from different villas or hotels awaiting to receive their respective visitor. Warm welcome into the island is extended to the visitors with good smiles and gentle polite which engages the parties in open communication until the receptive hospitality given. Once you are in Oia her nature amplify attuned abode which embraced a response of adequacy out of this world ardour. Why the busy if i may ask? One will wonder what everyone is after, of course the name of this island which sound famous and is an expensive place to be coupled with the historical facts, beside the captains house of white pearl villa through the path walk down to la perla a blossom surrounding of tree which a passerby stood observing the view in act of painting. Art painting is something connected to nature, the colourful design of their drawing reflect the love and appreciation shown to the one who made them all.

Kalimera, Kalispera overtook my concern like am in bureau de change, exchanging naira to euro. certainly yes, tongues are not the same and it is a do affair thing to get connected to the system enhancing your adaptation of where you came into. Everyone talks about santorini like never before, even celebrities from africa are passionate to be here, some are crazy posting videos of where they want to visit. Africans that i met here live in diaspora, one Nigerian man who lives in uk was here to engage his fiancee, they couldn’t control the excitement of being in santorini for such inspiring delight impression, haunting episode in the best of white pearl’s captain house pure bliss villa. The month of july, 7am in the morning is like on the marks get set, then on a sound of a whistle blow caldera is filled with people everyone with their coffee sitting at the premises of passaggio, some waiting for pickup and some going on a tour or cruise, while the usual around the caldera taking photo shoots, there is always activity round the caldera everyday from morning till evenfall.

This place is standardised, no scalper causing trouble in Oia, no street hawking nor hookers, no one rowdy in the street or the vicinity, no one lament of street snatcher, no one coming behind you any time any day with a jack knife to scare the life out of you for a wallet, never heard or seen a crime scene or burglary, there is work to do and the offer is worth it. There is harmony that lives within, hikers has testify the peacefulness of the town, their experience encourages more people to try the excapeed, not even a single harassment or some sort. The value of this town is magnificent. 

Immediately after hours spent at work i set up to really traverse and get to intimately know the town of Oia walking through the main street down to amoudi bay area. Its unpigmented and light colored buildings, incapacious streets, blue domes and red rocks suspending over the blue sea make it a dream terminus for photographers and anyone considering to take household photos-worthy-pictures. From the look on peoples face, you can see the ebullience of happy people, that give me thoughts of if only being in the island just for one day like most of the visitor’s that came each day with the cruise ship can transpire them into such delight, what if they live in the island? then their world will be made complete. I really do buy out time to write after exhausted from work also to navigate along the coastline, to drop a quick guide, Google maps is not great in Oia, hardly you can find street name written on any street sign, the reason why most hotels employe porters to assist their visitor’s.

Quite some rich folks come to santorini for vacation most of them came privately with their cruise ship, everyone can see them up sky with their chopper flying round the island, this island has been showcased to the world in different media platforms, recently youtubers, instagram, facebook users, many of their activities posted online to display their gratification. So to speak i have been to many islands in greece, my observation from those places are different from santorini, example is the island of Lesvos which the capital name is mytilini not too far from Turkey by car boat. Distinct type of building that will win your mind when you visit, usually three story building with tile roofs. People here are not the same with the people in santorini, it gives you a kind of emotions and mediterranean climate and rich in olive groves. Good nightlife experience not quite expensive like santorini.

The routine and program of white pearl changes swiftly in order satisfy her visitor in no further delay, gifts are placed upon arrival in the villa for the guests to enjoy their stay. As soon as the guests check in, anything they request is necessarily sure on time delivered to the villa. In santorini you feel the world in your own way.

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