My Angel

In her soft tune she extends her tender breath
Quiver feeling run through from a sky to chill the earth
Such a warmth touch transports the soul
Dissolved with an unexpected wet kiss
I found a life illuminating, oh! It intoxicates more
My troubles are gone to push a button undone Sail away yes sail away with me to have life's Sweetest kiss with nothing left to miss Darling because you are here a love truth is forever Together through the years losing all the control
Stars come out to play as we hold hands taking a walk at dawn My eyes stocked in a gaze at your brown skin Your expression comes from within when you smile Satisfaction through the night's with the warmth of a cuddle The word forever has appeared in this love paradise
You have composed it like a song to sing so nice I will relate this to my mother what you have done to me The world has come to know you are registered with me 13 years has disappeared and seem like 13 days we met If I could ask for anything, I shall beg God eternity with you
 E.A Anderson - 28/02/2020.

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Be Human, kind, smart, polite, smile always Hard work and honesty. I love God.

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