Book: Santorini Island Of No Nightmares.

The need to be Smart

Be smart, polite, and smile all the time. This is important in tourism field. In this part of the world a good approach is also required with the aforementioned. Accurate qualification can guarantee successful season, hard work put through own actions is the accomplishment of favourable outcome. There is vicissitudes, there is drama too. Like staying up late and waking up early for check ins and out, maintaining jacuzzi, breakfast should be on time usually delivering it to the villas is another string job. Most santorini villas are poles apart, additional responsibility to cover up the locations. My exposure to hospitality is divergent from what am presently observing, not just to observe also to adapt in a different environment, people and behaviour in workplace entirely.

Now reimburse to peculiar quality of attention to Oia, the centre of interest and activity, the time is approaching evenfall the taverns from laokasti going down to castro wall is crowding with people, every person has their cameras to capture the sunset. A good location would capture a pleasing aesthetic. Interrelate involved directly, to have a connection starts with an act of communication. Hi am Luis, from paris, nice to meet you, nice to meet you too replied Nicole from New york, have you been to any of the taverns, we made a reservation of one at finikia? We would love to but we are a group; replied Luis, we have a reservation at a seafood restaurant below ammoudi bay.

Lol! just about i was paying attention to their notice. santorini is a dream come true to many visitor’s, exceptionally chinese couples, france, uk, brazil, different nationalities, i did not pretermit visitors from Australia, they give their best to the island. Almost everyone in santorini came for the same reason, it could be wedding events, honeymoon package, pre wedding photoshoot, the volcano, sunset in Oia. All villas, suites, hotels, completely booked. So allure in an exciting and attractive quality. As the evening approached the hour of night, the caldera became a brilliantly reflecting colossal shining light, am not emphasizing a surprise am taking a walk along the caldera catching sight of pleasant ambience in an aesthetic magnificent place.

continue>>> Island of no nightmares.

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Be Human, kind, smart, polite, smile always Hard work and honesty. I love God.

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