Book: Santorini Island Of No Nightmares.

Around Caldera Oia.

To many, Oia could be a paradise especially visitors from America, the easy on the eye caldera is relatively to apprise anent greater with photos, Oya as the tourist enunciate it other than its original by the Greeks has its uniqueness, a sunset wonderland. Vacations are well spend here, visitors adventure a divine splendid timeline. It is your vacation, enjoy it. A sterling appraisal about the island to me is 100%, that’s why it draws my admiration to correspond the felicity i observe about it. Certain I am not the only one to put down the experiences of this splendid paradise till i met a couple from New Zealand.

It was their special day in a special place, a well known city in Santorini, Oia. When refer to such credibility it deserves the most accorded golden buzzer. Many that visited wish they never leave. Wedding photo shoot, family photo shoot, engagement and pre wedding photo shoot, passagio is the meeting point, opposite St. George which starts the beginning of the pedestrian street. High season is here, people from different nationalities are seen crowding around St. George, Cannaves, Katikies viewing the volcano from caldera. The delirium in their look transport to high heaven with open smile each one with their partner strike a pose for a photo shoot, outstanding background will capture an amazing memorable photograph.
At passagio private transfers are bringing in arrivals from the airport, seaport, and other cities, well arranged, porters are in wait to receive their guests respectively, spiffy outfit, deferential, indulgent, broad smile, eager to assist you with brilliant approach. Decently to say i was one of the porter, hard work every day with physical fit required. Interesting hard part is the steep hills, on several i discern the guest whisper “nice workout”, amused. The guest often pose questions like; when does the season start and when does it end? Well eight months is the season which begins from mid march to mid November . A luxury island worth the vacation enjoyed in it.

Oia’s uniqueness stands out amongst the other cities, a place to visit for the sunset. A splendid view of the sun sink into the sea, incredibly prepossessing to encapsulate. I have a picture of it in my smartphone. I have never seen a structure like this anywhere except, in Santorini Greece.
The houses are strongly built in caves traditionally in white and blue Santorini way. I see donkeys caring loads from beneath. Approaching Oia on your own motor car from the airport or seaport requires that you align before hand a guide to ease the way for you assisting you with your suitcases. A porter essentially in particular is recommended. I recollect the directive forthcoming from our office, when you get to passagio give us a call our porter will be there to assist you.
The receptive hospitality performance in Santorini is well advocated, championed to deliver a satisfactory context. A janitor accommodate the guest by accomplishing dissimilar functions as, yacht cruise, wine tasting, volcano, boat cruise to ensure a memorable vacation treat. Well i assure if you do you did enjoy it. Many visitor’s create a photo album where they can be viewed online, it tells about their escapade in santorini Oia,a guest from white pearl say to me, i capture my stories with my camera you can see it travels with me to write my stories.
 Expressing my delightful person is to share with everyone the opportunity i had to meet with different kinds of nationalities. I had good recommendation from guest who stayed with us in our villa, their kind gesture and good remarks toward me progress my endeavour of heartfelt sincerity which make me be polite.

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