I have the opportunity to be in two seasons in santorini as a staff of an amazing villa, Elysian hotel which is at the inland town of finikia; and the magnificent white pearl villa at the caldera. There i discover wonderful things about santorini which i have never encountered before anywhere, especially in Oia.I was stock in amazement the moment the ferry boat was advancing through from ammoudi bay which i learnt from a co traveller who has previously been in the island, getting to Oia the first impression in me was the volcano view from the caldera, this draws my anticipation preferably putting it down with my pen.

Writing has been the child of my brain, it’s like a product that i endeavour to materialize clever, to share an experience such like this took me the step of going the mile.Like they say everything has a beginning.Being in santorini brought back to me the years writing poems was my breakfast, the amazing features of the place strike my attentiveness to write about this splendid island

The sweet nature structure of this island is such that some imagine to have it just like the greeks own it. The first feeling when one comes in santorini stucks inside you, it never disappear from you as with the result of its hospitable treats received and what the island gives you in return.Remember you are here for your holiday and expect to have a quality time, mostly with your love partner.The island structure is built in a way you fall in love more with your partner, dinner time during sunset view, the credible view of the volcano from caldera.All this gives you a pleasing aesthetic memory to share with your friends, love ones, family and your neighbour. I will remember you OIA.

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