The Impostor

You have taken a face to mimic another's voice
are you an actor or are you trained to
wonders has come, it has confuse the gullible ones
a room filled with workable brains, a cattle rearer controls
the miscreants are voicing out, but they are regardless

The ultimate scam, the ultimate fraud
they have forced an element of surprise
the ones with the voice can't voice out for the voiceless
they have victimized to their resolve

Shame, for ants has become giants in the land of Elephants
i don't care is a poisonous weapon against the mouth it came from
sixty years still in freedumb, thought you are free?
when last has it occur to you that you are bearing a strangers name

they clap to everything and celebrate mediocrity
they left them in pool of blood and sorrow, "someone wrote alleged"
they look dumb before the photoshop image speaking grammar
they are absenteeism of intellectuals amidst their academicals

importation of an impostor to be incharge of this rock
ridicules the poster by the impostor


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Be Human, kind, smart, polite, smile always Hard work and honesty. I love God.

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