Coronavirus + Hungervirus.

The pandemic struck panic into the world
Fear grip hold on the minds, who will be next
Yet no remedy nor proven evidence if there will be tranquil
Lockdown come upon as a measure to contain
Some civil authority abuse the lockdown

In Nigeria police kill more than coronavirus
they abuse the lockdown for a means to fetch 50 naira
Bribery is a national anthem in Nigeria
Covid-19 exposed the health care in Aso rock
Billions put to it was lost in thin air

Giant with no electricity, no good roads, no water
No health care, since 1960.
those who can speak are into hiding
they can't speak because their milky pipeline is from the center
A giant that has nothing to offer but abject poverty

In Between the virus and hunger which one is the poor facing
Or the mayhem of the police brutality on its citizens
Chaos has always been their solution to force people with pressure
One million boys in the street with empty stomach
What will remain for people's safety if not insecurity
Who gave us democracy, who invites us to the meeting

I guess they left as blind fools after the meeting
Good morning is bribery,
Good afternoon is bribery,
Good evening is bribery
All equal to corruption

Bribery is the national anthem of Nigeria
Nigeria is a failed state.

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Be Human, kind, smart, polite, smile always Hard work and honesty. I love God.

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