Miscarriage of Justice

Imolites I guess you heard from supreme court
Nigerians I bet you are in banquet with Mr integrity
I said to myself I will Guide my words
If you understand then seek no offence
Courage is now a commodity in Nigeria

Wait! Wait! Lets not fight but see reason
confusion amidst, a loud voice say "Park well"
A common man has become sorry fellow
Who murder justice in supreme court?

Out of fear or stomach infrastructure
If grandmother goes to jail who's to blame
If you ask her, She will blame the wig on the Judges head
In court she was heard saying "my lord take the wig off"

Could a zoo be better than a nation like this
The law is a disregard, confusion in use of borrowed grammer
I read in simple term not to be an intellectual
of what use with it when we are in perpetual

They shoot corruption in supreme court and kill justice
Stomach infrastructure got a back hand
Learned ones has run to cover, no courage
Technicality in the law is to fly aeroplane
Isn't this stupidity in bernoulli's law

A candidate with no certificate is ruling
Yet there are learned and intellectuals
E.A Anderson.

Published by anayoandersonsblog.com

Be Human, kind, smart, polite, smile always Hard work and honesty. I love God.

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