Sunset Oia Santorini

Make a wish my dear let us escape across
the wall of kastro
and explore our secret behind closed
door, there our hearts
will unite with the extending colour

the sea has spoken in manner of its gentle wave
voyager heard soft sound
they sail away to learn Oia sun sink in the
sea, upon your extending colour is pleasant aesthetic

Oh! Oia what nature have you gotten on top the mountain
you rest for residence
the guests in white pearl has stroll below ammoudi bay
and clench as one to flutter
affection sting sitting at the rocky water at dark

they are stuck still in amazement when they gaze upon you
blissful hour for a fresh romance
my dear make a wish let us engage the twilight
with passaggio aperol spritz
and we shall transform caldera our paradise

the night has come with cool breeze from the ocean
it ascends from hidden gem
across secret escape and whisper softly in the ear
of full moon in white pearl villa to claim a heart

Oh! Oia your sunset warms the heart of santorini from a
thousand mile swift across the ocean amassed to witness the glow on the land
my dear make a wish while the cloud float gently drifting by
for tonight we’ll be together and seal our heart in Oia.

Emenike Anayo Anderson(Author>>>>Sunset Oia Santorini— 21/01/2020.

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