Poetry: There was a country

I remember with tears but speechless
A man unknown immolates himself
He did it to support a people under Genocide
History couldn't efface the bitter memory
They narrate it to suite their purpose
I have red what they wrote about her
And intense sorrow run through

They gathered to expunge her not for one entity
Tears and blood fill their land with mass starvation
Their children in rendezvous to kwashiorkor
In pangs of distress their pregnant women socked in ocean of tears
Listen quietness and silence across the oceans
When they ate tears for breakfast and sorrow for dinner

Facts are in files to demonstrate evidence
Remember, creations witnessed the inhumanity against her
My brother does not accept invitation to conceal her name 
In public display they narrate her and conclude her, history
Look courageous offspring has risen up for her
like a rose that sprout from a desert in no season

Yes there was a country and Biafra is her name
The sun will rise yes it will and still to glory comes
In preparedness they await to loud the glory song
Triumph will wave in the air more bravery
-E.A Anderson



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Be Human, kind, smart, polite, smile always Hard work and honesty. I love God.

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