Is Europe a Greener Pasture Land.

Ignorant has set foot through desert,
on the hot sand history left a warning print
exhausted throat begs for liquid body waste
their face shriveled in malnourishment
sunrise to sunset their feet ragged in awful look
their voice in harsh murmur of regret

Who knew where i am if i fall
my eyes has seen decay, rendezvous in the sand
i weep inconsolably for my senselessness
therefore i should embrace grief and tear drops
because lamement has point its fingers on ignorance
my history now lies on hot sand until earth rolled elsewhere

Their voice faint in praying for help
but only the open desert heard the echo
they have been lord over by caliphates
who claims rulership as their birthright
a ruler with no sense is equal to no common sense
their choosing to the cause of ignorance is nonsense

They sat by the sand sad detesting
can they be dared to be free
the wall fence of security objects their entry
freedom had written on white paper
given on condition without which is contrary

For me i have come to learn and i conclude
there is no international recognition in the desert.
-E.A Anderson.                           release date:18/02/2020.


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Be Human, kind, smart, polite, smile always Hard work and honesty. I love God.

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