YOU AGAIN! (African Sleeping Sickness)

by Emenike Anayo Anderson. (The author of this poem)

You again! The buzzer sound of their presence is a disturbing one
On blood they prey along the cattle friend, why on daily basis my tail can’t rest.
Under my scrotum is your house.So shall it be?
I graze on green grass field under nature’s mercy
I feel the sunrise it satisfies my day
am a giant but weeps like a child under your unpleasant circumstance
How dare you titchy?

Your presence boozled in my head
my unpleasant is your comfort
my scrotum is your house
Let me be, oh! tsetse fly
The herders are aware of their unpleasant presence,
How i can’t forget the unpleasant look of the herders wife
Looking from the barn, she went after with a killer substance
in her condition only his grace can grant her safety
am a cow, though i can speak for myself
but the herders the sleeping sickness that reduce the feed in the barn.

From kenya to senegal you migrate for prey
come rain come shine in tremble of your midst
may the killer substance spare no mercy in the air
unfortunately the substance has disappeared in thin air
the matchet has striked against the farmers ear
oh! are you this stubborn, the herders prayer is good health condition.
I pray for my tail to catch you
round and round i fling, a little left a little right.
The children has sang in displease of your unpleasant display

It has echoed across the farm
if only you will listen to the tune of their dismay
go away, go away leave the farm in good health
Fly away, fly away leave the farm in good health.
The herders has gone south for the season feed
you have thought the herders everything they need to know about sleep
a little walk around, a little work in the farm no feed in the barn.

my eyes has seen the pain you left in the herders face
if only my hands can get hold of the killer substance
then you will become to me a distance neighbour
and the farm will be free from your killer transmits
round and round my tail move to the tune of the children’s song
in my mind i have strike you left i have strike you right
the herders has gone to contract an eradication means
but corruption has strike against their good will for the farm
absence of the killer substance has escalated your presence
what has left for the herders wife under this unlawful condition
she pray for mercy from his grace to rescue the farm.

Tsetse flies does harm to animals by feeding on their blood transmitting trypanosomes, the disease known as trypanosomiasis.

In livestock it is commonly known as nagana,

and in human it is called sleeping-sickness.

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