Plateia Amerikis, Plateia koliatsou, Plateia kypselis
I sat again to gaze through the wind, he said
Quite and numb struck through his day dream
Remorse became the resolute momentum
of his ignorant.
with nothing to gain from the gaze through the wind
in murmur he approach his laxity.

Oh! Athens Oh! Athens!
How many times do my voice echo?
had i known has join in the archive of my youth.

He screams, where are am i? where are the green pasture?
A trap for mouse has trapped a lion
what should be the fate of a hunter in the forest?
the quest for green pasture has become a fairy tale of ignorant

He screams again! I have a world. Oh! i have a world.
an ignorant eye sees nothing through the wind
panting heart is the fear of my confused steps
the street unsafe for an undocumented migrant
against you and yourself and the authority

A whisper through the wind a fool chase after his ignorant surface
Had i known struck through my empty brain
a struggle to succeed fight for your freedom

Oh! Africa your children are roaming sheepishly in quest for green pasture
they came through the back door with no invitation
the brain is the resource for a workable future.
unity is inscribe in my coat of arm
good morning is the bigotry expressed from the north west east and south.

Emenike Anayo Anderson.

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Be Human, kind, smart, polite, smile always Hard work and honesty. I love God.

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